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Corona Light Margarita

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Like so many holidays over the last few months, this one will look a little different than usual. I am still planning to do some of the things we normally do to celebrate, like BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs. My kids also requested brownies and ice cream for dessert 😋. I will also of course be making some margaritas.

I thought it would be fitting to whip up some Corona Light Margaritas. For this recipe you will need some tequila, light margarita mix, Corona Light, Diet 7-Up (Or any other clear diet soda), ice, and limes.

This recipe is easy. Simply use a lime wedge to wet the rim of a glass and salt the rim if desired. Add ice and a shot of tequila to the glass. Next, add 2 oz of light margarita mix (like Jose Cuervo Light Margarita Mix) and 2 oz of Corona Light. Stir everything together and top with Diet 7UP.

Cheers! Let me know if you try the recipe and what you are doing to celebrate Memorial Day.

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