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Training has Started for the Marine Corps Marathon... Oorah!

I officially started training for the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM)! MCM is only 16 weeks from today. That may seem like a long time, but now that I have a few marathons under my belt, I know that the time will go by very quickly and there is a lot of fitness I need to gain to reach my goals.

MCM will be my 4th marathon if I get to the starting line. I also plan to participate in the virtual 2020 Boston Marathon as part of my training for MCM. I was registered for the 2020 Boston Marathon, but obviously did not get to participate due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Running a virtual 26.2 will be interesting, but I look forward to the challenge. I am already trying to think of some “course” options for Boston 2020.

My first 3 weeks of training for MCM were suppose to be about building mileage, but I had a set back already. In mid June, my right calf suddenly felt strained after a training run. I have never had an issue with that calf before, so my coach and I decided to substitute some of the "easy run" days that were on my schedule with cross training days.

This last week of training, I swam 3 days (Mon, Wed, Fri) and ran 4 days (Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun) My weekly mileage ended up being 38 miles, 14 of those miles were from my Sunday long run. But I also swam 11,000 yards. Giving my body a break from the pounding seemed to do the trick because my calf is feeling 100% better.

My first two weeks of training where around the same mileage wise, with not as much swimming.

I hope that this week I can get back to my normal schedule of only cross training one day a week and start to build my running mileage. I will of course listen to my body and see how it goes.

It is frustrating to have a setback this early on in training. My hope is by taking letting my body heal now, I will won't have a setback later on in training when it really counts.

So far the MCM is still planning to have an in person event on October 25, 2020. I realize there is a chance that the race will be cancelled, even last minute. Either way I am still going to train as long as I am healthy.

Going through a marathon training cycle will still help me reach my long term running goals. The improvements I make in training won’t just go away because the race doesn’t happen in person.

Are you training for a race? What other races are still planning to take place in the fall?

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