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Fresca Margarita - Happy Cinco de Mayo

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo so I thought it would be a perfect time to share my Fresca Margarita recipe. I keep things super simple around here, so you only need a few ingredients to make this tasty, low calorie drink: limes, stevia, tequila, and ice.

Since it is a special day, I took the time to squeeze my own lime juice. It takes quite a few limes to get 3oz of juice, but it is so refreshing and tasty, I think it is worth the effort. I used about 6 limes with my hand juicer. If you have an electric juicer, you will probably be able to get more juice out of each lime.

To keep the calories lower I use stevia to sweeten the lime juice. Stevia is my favorite zero calorie sweetener option. I have a sweet tooth, so I add more stevia then most people do. Unlike Splenda and some others artificial sweeteners, stevia does not upset my stomach. My favorite brand is this one from Amazon:

It has been out of stock since the global pandemic, so I have been buying this powder version instead:

The powder is a little harder to mix in cold drinks, so make sure to stir it up really well.

For a Cinco de Mayo treat and added fun, I tried 21 Seeds Cucumber and Jalapeño tequila. I love fruit infused vodkas and tequilas, I have even infused them myself in the past, but it is a little labor intensive. 21 Seeds got started when the founder, Kat, started infusing tequila in her kitchen. The brand has since grown and I love 21 Seeds' commitment to empowering female entrepeurs. Even their distillery in Mexico is predominantly staffed by women. You can find out more about 21 Seeds and their story here:

After you have made and sweetened your lime juice, it is time to mix you drink together. Salt your rim, add ice, tequila, and the lime juice, give everything a stir and enjoy! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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