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Ironman St. George 70.3 Training Update - 2 Months Down, 2 Months to Go

You can listen to an audio version of this post here:

I am officially halfway through my preparation for Ironman St. George 70.3. Race day is May 1, 2021 and I started “officially” triathlon focused training on January 1, 2021. I am in a good training groove and I am pretty happy with my progress so far aside from a little set back I had this weekend, but I will get to that later.

I am continuing to put in the majority of my training hours on the bike because that is by far my weakest of the three triathlon sports. I have been slowly increasing the number of hours I spend on the bike each week to hopefully build my endurance and strengthen the muscles I need to become I good (or at least decent) cyclist.

Last weekend I completed my longest ride so far, a 3+ hour indoor ride covering the half Ironman distance, 56 miles. I did the ride on my Tacx indoor trainer mainly for ease and because I still do not have a bike that fits me properly. I think the mental aspect of staying engaged on the indoor trainer was harder than the physical effort of riding of riding for over 3 hours. To make the time go by faster, I watched a video showing the highlights of the PTO 2020 Championship at Challenge Daytona. I thought Challenge did a great job of bringing triathlon to audiences in an engaging way. Link to the video here:

This week I am planning to watch a replay of the “Trials of Miles Texas Qualifier.” This track meet was held in Austin, Texas this past Saturday and I watched a few races live but missed a few events. A replay is available here:

I find it motivating to watch running or triathlon replays while I am on the trainer. But I also watched some Discovery Plus shows that I enjoy. I also enjoy listening to music on the bike, which is not something I typically do while running, so it is kind of interesting that on the bike I enjoy it so much more.

The day after doing this long ride, I ran a half marathon and the day prior, I had added a 1.2 mile swim session to my day. So, over the course of 3 days, I did the half Ironman distance. My time for the “half Ironman” was: Swim, 1.2mi – 32:55, Bike, 56mi – 3:08:58, Run, 13.1mi – 1:29:47 – Total: 5:11:40

I obviously have to put this all together on race day, so I am not taking it as an indication of what I kind of shape I am in, but it will be interesting to look back and compare when race day comes.

This past weekend, I got brave and decided to ride my bike on the road for only the second time since starting to triathlon train. I have a big fear of riding my bike on the road and I was riding around like a grandma (aka super slow). I was scared of traffic and taking ever downhill and turn very timidly. I know I need to practice to gain confidence. I thought I had gained some confidence during my ride this weekend, until I fell. I had an issue at a stop of not clipping out in time and fell over at a very slow speed. I am not badly hurt but I did bruise the palm of my hand and sprain my wrist pretty good. To top it off I fell in front of someone to make it nice and embarrassing but in a way that makes it easier to laugh about now.

I know I need to practice riding to get better, but I think I will probably wait until my new bike that fits me comes in. I have been patiently waiting for it to be back in stock and it is supposed to be ready to ship this week, so fingers crossed that it is on time.

Here is a breakdown of my training the last two weeks:

Week 7 of 16:

Monday – 20 min bike / 45 min swim

Tuesday – 90 min run

Wednesday – 60 min bike / 30 min swim

Thursday – Long Bike: 90 min bike / 15 min afternoon run

Friday – Long Run: 120 min run

Saturday – 60 min run / 35 min swim

Sunday – Brick Workout: 75 min bike / 60 min run

Total Training Hours: 9.3

Week 8 of 16:

Monday – 50 min swim

Tuesday – 75 min run

Wednesday – “Long Bike:” 90 min bike / 30 min afternoon run

Thursday – 90 min bike

Friday – Brick Workout: 90 min bike / 60 min run

Saturday – 45 min run / 50 min swim

Sunday – 120 min run

Total Training Hours: 12

Monthly Totals for February:

Swim: 21,475 yards Total / Per Week Avg 5,369 yards

Bike: 22 hours Total / Per Week Avg 5.5 hours

Run: 186 miles Total / Per Week Avg 46 miles

I like to keep track of my monthly mileage just to compare how my body responds to different training volumes. I think it is important to track as I start triathlon training, so I know how to tweak training in the future. I am tracking my bike training in hours right now since most of my training is done on the indoor trainer. I am not convinced that the indoor trainer is super accurate, and I have been using a number of different apps, so it just seemed like a better way to track.

My goals for the coming weeks are to get faster on the bike! I sound like a broken record, but I am still not improving much. Even my indoor workouts are staying almost exactly the same week over week. I would love to see SOME improvement. My other goal is to incorporate some swim drills into my swim training. I noticed some deficiencies in my swim stroke that I could work on. I will post next time what I added in and if it helped.

Thank you as always for following along and let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything you would like me to cover.

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